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National Energy Technologies (NET) is headquartered in Pennsylvania United States and sources the latest in conservation technologies from all over the world. Our service model has elevated Conservation Consulting Services to a new level by combining expertise in multiple utility reduction practices in a targeted yet holistic approach. We are a commercial facility conservation consultant and system retrofit specialist. Our firm will introduce, price, procure and coordinate installation of targeted technologies designed to maximize utility savings with the shortest return on investment. Because all businesses and their facilities operate differently, our company offers over 20 different technologies for a custom solution that can be applied in a short amount of time. Our techniques will save from 5 to 25% on electricity, cooling, water, or fuel by correcting inefficiencies in systems such as; windows, air conditioning, large refrigeration, lighting, laundry, compressed air, water flow and many other resource depleting building systems. National Energy Technologies performs energy auditing, corporate counseling, public speaking, and can consult on renewable energy, as well as green marketing. Our salespeople and distributors are educated on facility infrastructure and how advanced retrofit technologies can benefit each building system. 

Our company differentiates itself from the competition with our diverse skill set, marketing strategy, and ability to test, explain, validate, price, procure and install many advanced, proven conservation technologies. NET understands that each commercial building is used very differently so we have expanded our product selection to bring benefit to the hospitality, medical, office, industrial, school, food and even transportation industries. We coordinate our holistic “Road Map to Utility Cost Reduction”, systematically and allow our clients to set the pace. This technique utilizes a "50,000 foot view" approach and has produced combined energy saving results from 30 to 50%. Our simple approach is used to select the "low hanging fruit" or the fastest ROI retrofits. These savings can be used to help fund other desired efficiency improvements.

Our Customes include hotel resorts, retirement, office, food service, prison and school type facilities.  We are however, able to help almost any business owner with energy reduction services. Building operators and engineers are pleased to learn that our conservation strategies are also able to reduce and eliminate common building issues such as noise, odor, leaks, poor lighting, bacteria, rust, VOC's unballanced temperatures, food spoilage and will reduce maintenance as well as extend equipment life. The technologies that we endorse have been thoroughly vetted and tested for functionality and long life. They will cause your equipment to run less, saving energy, extending equipment life and bringing additional benefits to building occupants without sacrificing comfort.   You will notice that the list contains several strategies to reduce Air conditioning and refrigeration as these two needs make up the largest type of facility energy use.

The NET product and service line will continue growing to include additional LED lighting options and advned conservation technology suppliers of all kinds, and our commitment to supplying our clients with the most effective and beneficial efficiency solutions will endure.