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Advanced Hotel Thermostat

National Energy Technologies, announces the addition of a complete Room Energy Management and Conservation System for hotel, motel, dormitory or barracks. This system is able to provide superior comfort, control and data while conserving up to 30% of the energy required to support guests. 

Out of the millions of available rooms available in hotels, resorts and campus’s word wide only a small percent are controlled with an energy management system that allows for strategic control over room systems. National Energy Technologies is proud to finally release a complete room management suite of products able to control the energy use in a rental room environment so effectively that it is able to reduce required energy consumption dramatically while increasing guest satisfaction. These systems can energize a room upon check in and accurately detect occupancy and adjust room conditions while unoccupied. This incredible system has accurate occupancy sensing as well as multiple setback scheduling settings able to be set by the building manager. This programming will prevent guests from noticing any setback. These systems will often return its investment within 2 years and is also eligible for conservation incentives. This equipment has a user friendly touch screen controller, accurate Zigbee occupancy sensing technology and contains an easy to use cloud based dashboard. This product also offers a "green leaf" setting allowing for the hotel guest to program even greater energy savings during their stay.

   By installing our Smart networked thermostat solution, a building manager gains full remote control capability of individual rooms and it will fully integrate to most existing property management systems. A set point or mode can be changed by room or group of rooms over the secure web-based management platform. Full site changes to set point ranges, setbacks, or even scheduled demand response events can be made easily by grouping the settings into new profiles, which can be  wireless delivered to a group of rooms at a time. The display screen on this technology is dynamic, showing information in multiple languages, the exterior weather and even the logo of the hotel. This system also contains an SD card slot allowing programmable scheduled events or notices to be advertised 24/7 on each thermostat.   

Our Energy Management system is accompanied by outstanding turn-key installation and ongoing support. At National Energy Technologies we imagine a day that a guest will be able to earn member benefit points with their own efforts by being a guest that conserves rather than wastes. At the heart of the program is an integrated energy management system with a dashboard that controls, measures, communicates, calculates and reports all without the guest noticing a thing.