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Air Compressor Efficiency

I see companies making large capital investments with extended ROI's on conservation capital improvements while they leave equally important rapid ROI techniques on the table. I know the new light bulbs are hanging over your head and the new windows are right in your face. Just please ... don't ignore the conservation techniques you can't see. In certain facilities.air compressor efficiency will without a doubt show the fastest return on investment, with no incentives or construction needed. Not will compressor conservation save allot of money fast, they extend the life and lower maintenance of valuable equipment by reducing compressor run time.
Many of American business operate full time compression systems to run tools and equipment throughout their facility. We find that on average that these systems run up to twice as often as needed due to air seepage and many other inefficiencies. These leaks are mostly silent and pressure inefficiencies are rarely detected. It is common that as much as 20 to 30% of produced compressed air is leaking through joints alone. The pressure supplied to tools and equipment needs to be analyzed and properly balanced. Our technicians have access to premium efficient fittings and the latest technologies used to detect leaks and inefficiencies. We provide a detailed written report itemizing each recommended correction and the cost to repair. We can generally do a full inspection and detailed report on a 100,000 square foot facility in about 2-3 days. We would then be happy to schedule the work to be done or council your supplied labor thru the repairs. We frequently reduce compressor run times as much as 100% , and you will see a return on your investment. in just a few months.
Because this remediation will reduce the compressor run time it will also reduce the noise in your facility, and significantly extend the life of the equipment. Considering the energy saved, the incentives, equipment health and the impact on the environment this becomes a win, win, win, win.
Twenty to thirty percent of compressed air in a typical factory is lost through leaking and system inefficiencies. Most leaks are not audible, and pressure inefficiencies are rarely detected.
We find system imperfections using latest technology. Our Reports clearly describe each remedy so repairs are quick and efficient.

Savings are several times the cost of the survey and repair. Return on investment is typically a few months. Savings and benefits continue on.

Improve compressed air system efficiency Reduce carbon footprint

Stabilize processes that use compressed air Reduce environmental noise. Our skilled technicians analyze your facility, scanning for leaks, and possible adjustments which they carefully pinpoint, measure and document. Most areas can be checked with equipment running.

Our Reports clearly describe each remedy so repairs are quick and efficient. We include overview and close-ups for each item.

Our Summary highlights dollar and energy savings along with environmental impact.

How long does it take?
Typically we cover about 100,000 ft2 in two days
Will our process extend equipment life?

Yes. Air compressor remediation will reduce compressor run time often as much as 100% reduces wear on the system, extending lifespan. Our process will pay dividends for many years.

Should the system be serviced? 
We recommend an annual performance review to find inefficiencies.