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Electric Car Charging

With the number of electric vehicles rapidly increasing, today’s businesses, communities and municipalities need to ensure they’re making the right choice when it comes to helping the environment, setting an example and the bottom line. ChargePoint charging stations offer state of the art functionality, superior design and reliability, as well as world class reporting and billing software. National Energy Technologies is proud to be a ChargePoint National Partner.

Our Commercial Flagship

The CT4000 is the latest generation of ChargePoint charging stations. Refined yet rugged, the CT4000 family sets the industry standard for functionality and aesthetics. A robust cord retraction system comes standard on all CT4000 models to eliminate unsightly cords on the ground, and to keep your drivers from having to touch charging cables. The CT4000 full motion color LCD display instructs drivers while supporting dynamic updates of custom branded videos and advertisements.

Power Sharing Feature
The intelligent power sharing feature of the CT4000 doubles the number of parking spaces served by allowing two charging ports to share a single circuit. Sites with single port EV stations can upgrade to dual port stations without requiring additional electrical services.
All CT4000 models offer one or two standard SAE J1772TM Level 2 charging ports with locking holsters, each port supplying up to 7.2kW.

+ Reduced installation and operating costs
+ Dynamically share one 40A circuit between two parking spaces
+ Double the number of parking spaces for a given site’s power capacity
+ Upgrade a single port station to dual port with no electrical upgrade

Additional Features
Available in bollard and wall mount configurations, the CT4000 supports easy installation anywhere. To future proof your investment, all stations are fully software upgradeable over the air. All ChargePoint stations are networked and managed through ChargePoint Service Plans and backed by ChargePoint’s world class 24/7 driver phone support.

Corporate Branding and Video Advertising
+ Download full motion color videos to your stations
+ Custom replaceable signage to project your brand
+ Custom “cap” printing available

Superior Cord Maintenance
+ Maintenance-free, light-weight, self-retracting cords come standard on all models
+ Keep charging cords off the ground and out of your hands
+ Flexible over entire -22°F to +122°F product temperature range

Driver Friendly User interface
+ Instructional video shows how to use the station
+ Multi-language: English, French, Spanish
+ Touch button interface; works in rain, ice and with gloves
+ Backed by ChargePoint’s world class 24/7 driver phone support

Energy Measurement and Management
+ Real-time energy measurement
+ 15 minute interval recording
+ Time of Day (TOD) pricing
+ Load shed by % of running average or to fixed power output

CT4000 Family Electrical Specifications
Electrical Input    Single Port    Dual Port
AC Power Input Rating – Standard    208/240VAC 60Hz single phase @ 30A    208/240VAC 60Hz single phase @ 30 x 2
AC Power Input Rating – Power Sharing    n/a    208/240 VAC 60Hz single phase @ 32A

Input Power Connections – Standard    One 40A branch circuit    Two independent 40A branch circuits
Input Power Connections – Power Sharing    n/a    One 40A branch circuit

Required Service Panel Breaker – Standard    40A dual pole (non-GFCI type)    40A dual pole (non-GFCI type) x 2
Required Service Panel Breaker – Power Sharing    n/a    40A dual pole (non-GFCI type)