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Refrigerant Oil Enhancement has proven to be a highly effective conservation strategy; it's affordable and increases efficiency in any air conditioning or refrigeration unit with a refrigerant line. This conservation product is a specifically blended refrigerant oil supplement that has a fast ROI and multiple beneficial attributes when added to the refrigerant line of existing HVAC and refrigeration compressors along with the existing refrigerant oil. When applied this technology has proven to reduce amps, noise and increase cold air output.

Daytime energy has become the bulls-eye on the target to reduce pollutants from aging coal power plants. These plants are still relied on heavily during daytime hours, particularly warm days. It is said that HVAC and refrigeration is responsible for up to 50% of this nation's energy usage. It is this reason; that inspired the installation of millions of new electric company "smart meters" installed on buildings to allow for the accurate timed metering of energy usage as well as other informational services. Business can expect consistently higher daytime rates as this process evolves across the country. Simply ask a building owner from California, where daytime rates in certain areas were reported to be 4 to 5 times more than those at night. For this reason enormous focus is on air cooling and all available efficiencies. The time to act is now if you will be ready for what could be another hot summer.

This efficiency technology is called Refrigerant Oil Enhancement; it requires no new equipment and will normally show a payback within a year. This product is a specifically blended refrigerant oil supplement that has multiple beneficial attributes when added to the refrigerant line along with the existing manufacturer installed oil. 

Research presented by ASHRAE (America Society for Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) in 1994, showed conclusively that cooling system performance is degraded by as much as 30% due build-up of lubricants on internal surfaces throughout the heat exchange system. This build-up causes heat transfer degradation, increases pressure drops, elevates boiling points and reduces the latent heat capacity of the equipment. The end results of these problems are a substantial loss of cooling capacity, loss of lubricity, significantly increase operating cost and shorten equipment life. It is a process called oil fouling, and it is a natural result of standard, inexpensive manufacturer installed lubricant.

ASHRAE states that insulating oil build up will reduce system efficiency by 7% in the first year, 5% in the second, and 2% or more in subsequent years. Normally by the 24th month of operation, system degradation is evident in the reduction of cooling capacity and increase noise and running amps due to the loss of lubricity. This inferior oil oxidizes and insulates the inner surfaces of the heat exchanger thereby impeding heat transfer.

Fortunately an oil lubricant additive exists that serves as an antioxidant and is designed to improve the functionality of the existing oil. As this oil vaporizes and travels throughout the system along with the refrigerant it lubricates and protects all system moving parts and seals. It has a Polarizing Compound which enables the formula to bond to metal on a molecular level. This property enables it to displace the insulating build-up of compressor lubricating oil inside the refrigerant circuit and bond directly to metal surface to form a coat with single molecule thin layer. Furthermore, the supplemental oil additive molecule does not allow oil build-up to re-form. Consequently, heat transfer is no longer impeded in the heat exchanger coils since the displaced compressor lubricating oil must return back to the reservoir. This will improve the Delta-T and satisfy the thermostat faster. A superior Oil Additive will also increase the lubricity of compressor installed oil and reduce wearing on compressor moving parts. This oil supplement was proven to be over 1500 times more effective than standard refrigerant oils and will protect seals, lubricate moving parts and reduce oxidation. This will reduce maintenance and extend system life. This patented supplement will be specifically blended to match the refrigerant type and will work in all reciprocating, rotary, scroll, screw, centrifugal compressors, and walk in refrigeration.

Appreciation from a happy customer

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Recently, this Hospital was approached your consultant with information and a demonstration of a refrigerant oil enhancement. The demonstration included bearing wear and load performance of an electric motor under test conditions. Both results were very dramatic, but I was still skeptical. This supplement oil is simply injected into the oil/refrigerant circuit of a compressor while running and the results were immediately noticeable.

I have treated 2 each 80 ton Trane chiller units with this technology validating the following results:
       a.    Before treatment current draw at 460 volts:

                         Phase-I           Phase 11         Phase III
                         140 Amps     145 Amps       135 Amps
       b.    After treatment 10 days later; current draw at 460 volts:

                         Phase-I          Phase H          Phase -111
                         124 Amps    128 Amps        122 Amps

All tests were conducted under nearly identical circumstances; i.e., time of day, outside temperature, relative humidity, water temperatures in and out at 100% loaded.

This results in almost an 11% reduction in operating cost which is only a portion of the overall savings.
At this point, approximately three months of operation, We have also recorded colder air or increased levels of delta -T thought the building.
I am very pleased with this product.


Chief Engineer
Louis Brooks