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Horticultural LED

Millions of acres of American produce are now grown under artificial lighting. The high pressure sodium lighting and Metal Halide technology used to meet needed plant light spectrum's were highly inefficient and huge energy users. For years it has been widely understood that LED Lighting would save money in this market segment but crop performance was poor. Until now. 

Our LED manufacturer has just completed long term testing of their advanced LED Grow product line with phenomenal results. Their 5 year study of LED spectrum control has paid off. Our new line of LED Grow Lights will improve output as much as 30% and shorten needed grow and bloom times as much as 20%. This will increase yields as well as offer multiple other benefits. 

LED Grow lights can decrease grow room heat as much as 300%
LED Grow lights use about 25% of the energy of conventional horticultural lighting
LED Grow lights can be suspended much closer to the crop
LED Grow lights are much lighter than conventional equipment without the hot heavy ballast
LED Grow systems are able to switch between vegetative and bloom cycles. 
LED Grow lights will allow for a reduction in ventilation
LED Grow Lights produce no annoying ballast hum.

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