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Photo Luminescent Safety Products

 "Energy free" emergency products are now available for every needed building, stairwell and factory floor applications. Todays Photo Luminescent safety products including a code approved exit sign that requires absolutely no electric power. The recent advancements in glow in the dark technology will protect lives in the event of emergency while saving the building owner on utility expenses. 
Today’s building safety codes set by the (ICC) International code council an organization dedicated to building safety and fire prevention, are designed to protect occupants of a building in case of a catastrophe.  These codes adopted and enforced by the (IBC) International Building Code and the (IFC) International Fire Code dictate the guidelines used nationally for building occupant safety particularly in regards to building egress. These policies are modified every three years in an effort to remain up to date with advancing technologies and construction practice. In 2009 ICC code was modified to require luminous egress path markings in all public buildings found to have occupied floors located more than 75 feet above the lowest level of fire department vehicle access. According to chapter 10 of the new code luminous markings will be required for all doors, steps, landings, handrails, perimeters and obstacles. The 2009 IBC and IFC regulations are being enforced by building inspectors and fire code officials. 
Fortunately the photo Luminescent products needed to satisfy these code requirements are available along with a full complement of zero energy exit signs. Glowing safety products will protect people and safety officials during an emergency and pay for itself through energy savings.  There are multiple varieties of Exit and Fire safety signs that will glow for several hours with a recharge with only minimal light required.
Existing electric EXIT signs draw 40 watts 24/7, require battery and bulb changes and are only expected to stay lit for only 90 minutes in the event of an outage.  It is worth noting that the first Word Trade Center emergency took over 6 hours to evacuate the occupants. The Photo Luminescence that was installed after that incident may have saved thousands in the second attack. There are photo luminescent exit signs that are two sided and others that are rated for 100 foot visibility.  Just cap off the wires from your old energized exit signs and put this new era product in its place.