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Refrigeration Efficiency

American business spends billions on food and beverage preservation in our food service company’s large walk in and drive in refrigerators and freezers. National Energy Technologies a Pennsylvania conservation company has developed a division of its company to bringing conservation to this important equipment and market segment. 

  American corporations spend billions annually on food, drink and flower preservation. This value cannot be overstated, for obvious reason, food quality and shelf life are a top priority to those in the perishable food and flower service industries. Proper refrigeration is critically important to public health and preservation of the food and flower service industries top expenditure, perishable inventory.   National Energy Technologies is proud to introduce a comprehensive fleet of services specifically targeted for this important and often overlooked market segment. Due to the combination of strategies, walk-in refrigeration provides more opportunity for dramatic reduction than most other building systems. 

The comprehensive food preservation reduction strategy will include solution such as low energy low heat lighting. Quality vinyl curtains and door closers but there are three additional highly effective products that offer multiple benefits.

The first is superior quality refrigerant oil specially blended for refrigeration compressors. This supplement oil will reduce running amps protect equipment and save from 5 to 15% on cooling. It will also increase the Delta-T by reversing and preventing efficiency sucking, oil fouling. This process will reduce maintenance, extend equipment life and generally pay for itself within 6 to 12 months. Another highly effective device is used in conjunction with your existing thermostat temperature probe. This product will simulate your equipment taking the temperature from inside of food. This process will level off the cycling that occurs with normal usage. It is the temperature of the food that matters the most anyway. This product can help reduce compressor run time 5 to 15% without sacrificing temperature and food quality.

Another most important product for large refrigeration and freezer units reduces energy by removing humidity and it eliminates many other harmful refrigerator born contaminates as well. It is a passive technology that removes 100% of the ethylene gas, acid, mold and fungal spores as well as dangerous bacteria spores. The product is called Filtirite and it also has the incredible ability to absorb up to ½ its weight in moisture, which will further reduce compressor run times and will reduce the electricity required to maintain temperature. Ethylene gas is produced in large quantities by certain picked foods and is responsible for the rapid decay of many other varieties of food. Filtirite is capable of extending the shelf life of perishables significantly; bananas 186%, flowers 200%, berries 220%, lettuce 150%. The energy savings in freezer units is even greater due to Filtirite’s powerful ability to remove humidity, water and ice and the associated defrost cycles. Most freezers are set for multiple defrost cycles daily, in many cases defrost cycles can be reduced by 50%. The product is perfect for produce and freezer warehouses, the meat and fish packing industry, and large walk in or drive in freezer units of any type. It can lower freezer temperatures 6 to 8 degrees and eliminate the slow growing bacteria responsible for freezer burn and shrinkage. Just imagine the powerful combination of benefits and energy reducers of our Comprehensive Refrigeration Efficiency service can bring to your refrigeration.