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Spray on Insulative Coatings

    Commercial and industrial facilities contain a multitude of application for effective thermal covering as well as vibrational noise control. Until now thermal options for piping, ductwork, tank, roof and soundproofing solutions have been expensive, clumsy and only partially effective. The issues are obvious; the loss of heat and cold thru ductwork, holding tanks and transfer pipes represent a massive loss of energy and a huge expense.  Condensation quickly deteriorates conventional insulation and will damage equipment and infrastructure. Noise from equipment in industrial settings reduces productivity and is considered a serious OSHA workplace hazard.    
   Fortunately a simple and affordable solution to those listed issues is available, and is applied from a commercial sprayer to almost any surface. This process is so highly effective as a thermal insulator that it can be used on steam, chiller and hot water pipes in place of conventional fiberglass insulation. Since our coating becomes “one” with the surface providing corrosion protection as well as preventing the possibility that condensation could form. This advanced material contains air-encapsulated ceramic particles suspended in a high grade acrylic based binding agent. The coating can be applied in multiple coats from 30 to 120 mills creating a microscopic matrix that is lightweight, low in VOC’s an excellent vapor barrier and highly effective at reducing vibrational noise. Although adequate conventional insulation options for Industrial and commercial piping already exist, it can be costly, is rarely complete and damages easily. Steam heat and Cold water chiller systems and air handlers move an enormous amount of heat and cold to vital building systems efficiently. These systems contain a maze of ducts and piping components such as valves, fittings and angles that are difficult to insulate. These un-insulated components are leaching their extreme heat and created cold temperatures into the environment or boiler rooms of buildings that they serve. Exposed pipes are a dangerous liability as steam pipes can reach temperatures of 350 degrees F. They also add to the uncomfortable conditions in these spaces and need to constantly ventilate. The loss of heat and cold thru holding tanks and pipes can now be reduced and the different building components can be color coated. 

     Our process is heavily used by Navy, marine vessels and oil rigs where noise reduction provides for better sleep and improves safety and productivity. Our coating can be applied to equipment and equipment rooms and will effectively trap vibrational sound before its airborne release. Anti-vibrational fillers and a sound absorption resin make our process effective at reducing sound transmission dampening across multiple frequency ranges. The service is also being used on massive fuel storage tanks to reduce rapid temperature swings and fuel fouling condensation. This process is also highly effective on refrigeration, refrigerated trucking and is also a superior solution for metal roofing systems.