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Demand Response

National Energy Technology Announces a partnership approval as Direct National Affiliate provider for Energy Curtailment Specialists (ECS).  ECS is the Nation’s premier Demand Response (DR) specialist. Energy Curtailment, called Demand response will compensate a large energy user to stand ready to reduce a pre-determined amount of electricity on high demand days as a last line of grid shortage defense.

 Demand Response programs have become an important part of energy planning.  Rather than build additional power plants or impose rolling blackouts just to satisfy peak times of extreme grid shortages, power companies are adopting Demand Response programs. DR allows electric grid operators to reduce system stress during rare emergency peak events. The large user gets rewarded significantly to stand ready to reduce a pre-determined amount of electricity as a last line of system defense. The events are rare, fully predictable and typically only last for two hours.

National Energy Technology has partnered with ECS because of their grid stress prediction ability, their unique shadow meter and their curtailment call center strategists. We are so immersed on grid supply and weather patterns that our curtailment team is able to provide up to two days’ notice before an event. 
They have been in the business for over ten years and have over 1200 satisfied clients enrolled. ECS has been in the industry for over ten years, and has paid out over $150 million to program participants. Demand Response reduces pollution, benefits the power company, and produces a new large income stream to a business. A real Win, Win, Win.  At our expense a trace meter will be installed to allow you and our curtailment management team to accurately monitor events in real time. Along with our shadow meter will come our patented cutting edge Demand Track software.   Demand Track is a powerful cloud based platform that allows users to view data, charts and reports that make program administration easy. A demand response consultant will carefully analyze your business practices and will assist in determining the proper curtailment procedures and amounts. Participating in the event is not mandatory and does not need to fully meet the pre-determined goal. Participation in the program is completely free and reward will be determined by amount curtailment ability, and the ability to meet those commitments. This program is ideal for large businesses with powerful back-up generation or co-generation systems. Utilizing these systems during an DR event can allow for additional curtailment without effecting operation.