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For Conservation

Facility Audits and Assessments

Many clients on the quest for efficiency will ask me if they should begin with a full energy audit or an energy assessment, and what is the difference. An energy audit is generally a thorough facility and billing statement investigation preformed by a professional certified auditor or engineer. The process can take over a month, is quite comprehensive, and often costs several thousand dollars. An audit will yield an extensive report that will detail current building equipment and offer recommendations to improve efficiencies in the envelope and systems. 
A specific conservation assessment on the other hand, will yield actual savings data or recommended technologies along with the ROI examples. An experienced consultant who specializes in efficiency technologies will target projects that will maximize benefit. An assessment will generally cost less and will include  ROI statements and actual cost quotes for available retrofit technologies.At National Energy Technologies we offer so many possible efficiency technologies that likely several projects along with the corresponding ROI's can be compared, and choices can be made about starting points and worth while projects. Ask your NET consultant about our "Road map to Utility Reduction" that will outline a strategy to utilize savings from the first conservation install to help finance the next one or two and so on. This approach will result in considerable savings and a healthy reduction of a businesses carbon footprint.. This technique utilizes a holistic approach and has produced energy saving results from 30 to 50% without renewable energy. Our services can continue to include discussions with all departments as well as feedback from employees. These practices can lead to employee cooperation, waste reduction, a more comfortable and motivated workforce, as well conservation certification opportunities and media sources find it newsworthy.

We approach this process systematically, allowing our customer to set the pace. We can assist in financing these projects or install first the "low hanging fruit" or the fastest ROI retrofits, and then use the savings to help fund other energy saving systems.