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For Conservation

Green Marketing Consulting

    Finding a service professional with expert skill in their individual profession is common. What is difficult is finding a professional consultant knowledgeable in multiple disciplines within the rapidly evolving energy industry. National Energy Technology is uniquely positioned in one of the most important and controversial industry in years, the energy industry. Our firm represents conservation products and services for large commercial buildings, corporations and industry. Our applications show the lowest ROI in the industry even without government incentives. These technologies represent the most important "Win -Win" solution for both our client and economics as well as or population concerned for the environment. This important win win will promote regional good will and can gain your business some surprising recognition. We are able to assist companies with their public message and green image. You would think that all corporate management levels would have deep interest in efficiencies, yet daily we meet building owners that remain unaware of existing retrofit efficiency options. Our company has access to skilled trainers and public speakers in the field of energy, deregulation, conservation technologies and green marketing. 
     Since the needs and facilities of every organization are very different consulting services will be priced accordingly. National Energy Technologies will carefully analyze an organizations needs and goals in relation to utility usage. We will then offer an unique action plan that will help an organization accomplish their desires
Common recommended services available: 
•    Acquisition and analysis of facility energy audit
•    Utility Bill Analysis
•    Recovery of billing mistakes, credits or refunds
•    Executive Education, Green Cleaning / Day Cleaning
•    Frank discussion on The Realities of Modern and Future Energy (PP Presentation)
•    Introduction of alternative solutions; LEED, Renewable solutions, Smart Meters, De-regulation
•    Departmentalized recommendations, Marketing, Facilities, HR, Finance
•    Reaping the financial advantages of Corporate Environmental Stewardship (PP Presentation)
•    Water Reduction Consultation​
•    Renewable Energy Estimate acquisition and analysis 
•    Employee staff or lunch meetings (PP Presentation)
•    Recycling program creation and implementation
•    Interior environmental quality analysis and consultation

As a qualified instructional specialist, NET will create a unique program to most completely address your organizations need. Our presenters have the type of personality and spirit that can bring a presentation alive and makes learning about energy fun and memorable.