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For Conservation

Green Speaking

Resource conservation is a subject on the minds of many corporate planners for all of the right reasons. Public appreciation, pollution reduction, best practice and expense reduction are all powerful reasons. Sound conservation investments however, have not impressed many large facility owners as they wade through tired options with poor payback. Replacing operational equipment with more efficient models does not seem to make great sense or pay back. National Energy Technologies; a company that specializes in advanced conservation retrofit technologies desires to change that opinion. They research, test, validate and educate building owners on little known, rapid payback strategies that also protects equipment and health. They also have created a series of outstanding training sessions presented by skilled educators motivated to help an organization accomplish their environmentally friendy and sustainable goals.
  • Learn how to develop your comprehensive utility reduction plan and how to incorporate advanced technologies founded on elements found in nature.
  • Discover which equipment or process saves from 5 to 25% on electricity, cooling, water, refrigeration, lighting, laundry, fuel for fleet vehicles, compressed air, and many other resource depleting activities.
  • These techniques all provide a rapid return on investment, most below 24 months, without the need for government incentives.  
  • Attendees will learn about how these products are soundly based on proven science, tested and how their effectiveness can be validated in their facility.
  • Session concludes with a review of an actual comprehensive facility case study example. 

Learning Objectives:

•    Understand Advanced Efficiency Technologies, one building system at a time.

•    Discover how to utilize elements found in nature to reduce utilities, protect health, and preserve equipment.

•    Adopt new and affordable conservation solutions for efficient operations.

•    Learn how certain conservation strategies protect health and reduce consumer liability.

Small Session Topics 

Holistic Corporate Sustainable Planning

Efficiency in (insert your industry here) one building system at a time

How Retrofit Technologies can impact  (insert your industry here)

Reap the benefits; Our Green Company and how to get there.

Calculating The True ROI of Efficiency Efforts

Health Care Efficiency and its impact on bacteria and health

Efficiency for Hotel / Resort Featuring Room Energy Management

Large Session Topics

Retrofit Efficiency Technologies, One system at a time

Fast ROI Strategies for Commercial Buildings

High Rise Efficiency and Egress Safety

Bacteria Control in Commercial Buildings

Green Cleaning and Employee Efficiency Efforts

Large Facility Water Reduction

Benefit from the Grid and Deregulation   

Improve Hotel Resort Services with Efficiency