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Advanced Irrigation

A better looking landscape, minimized water waste, compliance with city watering restrictions, reduced hardscape damage, limit liability, and equipment standardization across multiple properties. Using Networked weather based irrigation offers all you could want in water management and a few things you didn’t even think to ask for.
Our intelligent sensor technologies are able to sense and then shut down a branch with a line failure and then text the technician for inspection and repair. Thousands of properties are already experiencing significant financial and water savings by utilizing intelligent weather based irrigation.

Our Sustainability Services pair SmartLink technology with a team of water saving experts in a process proven to save you money as well as million of gallons of water each year. Thousands of properties are already experiencing significant financial and water savings.This system will gather property information, measure and will evaluate water usage for savings and project payback expectations. Our expert installation technicians will program, inspect and monitor for the many variables that impact site beauty and water efficiency. The system provides monthly water savings and repair reports to provide ongoing project feedback and evaluation.

Features of  Advanced Weather Based Irrigation

Real time water use reporting

Virtual flow reporting when using standard Air card

Low/high flow threshold settings

Email alerts with low/high threshold is crossed

Mainline and/or Zone automatic shut-down when low/high threshold is crossed

Automatically learns each zone’s gpm (running avg./current avg.)

Tablet optimized

Manually operate zones from within application

Identify then record valve status

Identify then record zone specific problems

Record estimated cost of repairs

Save images for each zone