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Air / Food purification

Personnel and their related productivity is so valuable to corporations that all steps necessary to keep them healthy should be considered. Spring allergies can be unbearable without adequate protection from the billions of pollen spores that will enter your building. Fortunately air purity specialists have produced duct mounted or small tabletop air sanitizing systems that combines four advanced technologies for superior air quality and maximum allergen eradication. National Energy Technologies is proud to be a factory distributer for the Duct Pure and GT3000 technologies.These units contain possibly the most advanced air purification strategies on the market. Incorporating photo catalytic oxidation technology, high level negative ionization, safe levels of ozone, and electrostatic filtration, the Duct Pure and GT3000 reduces particles and inactivates microbes thus providing a cleaner, healthier environment for your workforce, customers or family.
Using four advanced technologies, this equipment helps to eliminate odors, smoke, pollen, dust, bacteria, mold, pet dander, viruses, and much more. Pollution is eliminated in as little as 15 minutes, and the most difficult pollution in as few as 24 hours. Unlike other air purifiers that rely on large air movement and filtration to eliminate indoor pollutants, the Duct Pure and GT3000 use electronically created oxidizers and negative ionization to destroy pollution from the air, embedded in walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, furniture, clothing, on counter tops and other surfaces. These technologies help to sanitize everything in the area and can reduce or eliminate all bacteria, odors, including cigarette smoke, mildew, cooking odors, and more.

The equipment contains an Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) Cell which will not only destroys biological contaminants traveling through the cell, but it produces purifying plasma which breaks down odors, mold, bacteria and viruses in the room. Photo Catalytic Oxidation reactors have been proven to reduce dangerous pathogens by over 99% in 24 hours or less. This process is molecular disassociation, which doesn’t just cover up the source, it actually breaks the molecule down. The result at the end of the breakdown process is Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor. The GT3000 also generates Needlepoint Ionization, a continuous stream of millions of negative ions that circulate throughout the building. These ions charge particles of dust, smoke, dander, bacteria and viruses; causing them to attract other particles and clump together. As more and more particles come together, they become heavier, making them easier to pull into the building filter or just fall to the floor to be vacuumed up. Unlike HEPA filters that can only filter out particles of .5 microns or larger, the ionizer in the GT3000 can reduce ultra-fine particles, even nano-particles, that are much more dangerous than the larger particles you can see. This means your patrons and employees will breath easier with fewer particles in the breathing space, less exposure to bacteria, mold and virus particles as well. In Sanitation Mode the purification plate is activated to generate activated oxygen to assist in breaking down mold, bacteria, smoke and other biological contaminants which cause odors. By setting the purifier based upon the area to be treated, just the right amount of purification is produced to keep the space fresh and clean. For faster cleanup an “Away Mode” feature which has an auto-shutoff programmable timer allows for maximum output to be used when the room unoccupied. An advanced electrostatic filter is included with the GT3000 to help keep the purifier clean while at the same time filter out particles which clump together thanks to the needlepoint ionization. Unlike expensive HEPA filters, the electrostatic filter is washable and can be used over and over again.

Advanced Air Purification is perfect for:

Hospital / Medical

Office Space

Retirement Communities




Garbage Rooms

Pet / Animal Care

Fitness Clubs

Food Service

Bar / Nightclub

Food Production Line Sanitization

   Advanced Oxidation Panel, is designed for the food processing industry. Line equipment and in particular, conveying surfaces can become contaminated during processing. This occurs when bacteria accumulate on the conveyor belt surface as a result of human error or when contaminated product transfers pathogens to the belt. While wet chemical sanitation systems exist, there are no alternative non-aqueous systems available for keeping belts as well as food product surfaces continuously sanitized. This would be true in most cases immediately prior to packaging, since excess moisture is not desirable in sealed packages. Ready-to-eat products such as lunch meats, hot dogs, as well as some raw meat and poultry products are specific cases in point. In response to this need, and to assist the food processor in protecting final product between full plant wash down and sanitation procedures, RGF has developed a non-chemical anti-microbial hood.

Advanced Oxidation Panel is designed to be placed at the end of the food conveying process line just prior to packaging or other locations where conveying surfaces may create cross contamination potentials to food products. This dry environment process incorporates high intensity targeted ultra-violet light to create a powerful sanitizing environment for all conveying surfaces. The unit can be mobile or mounted above or below conveyors for maximum exposure to food contact surfaces.
The patent-pending panel is easily installed directly over the exposed conveying surface. Ultra-violet light emitters are placed inside the anti-microbial hood. Each emitter is protected by stainless supports and special FDA approved high impact polymer shrouds, designed to protect glass from entering the work environment in case of breakage.