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Efficient Hand Dryers

National Energy Technologies is proud to introduce an advanced highly efficient Hand Dryer. Our hand dryers are faster, uses 80-90% less energy, and provides a 98% cost savings versus paper towels. Manufacturers continue to innovate Hand Dryer Design and performance. Our current version of the highly efficient EXTREMEAiR Eco unit is the result of manufacturer commitment to building the very best hand dryer in the industry. Hand Towels are becoming more expensive as our nations paper stock continues to dwindle. Paper towels cost much more to maintain and bathrooms always look unsightly between frequent paper towel cleanings.

Our complete family of high speed hand dryers consists of the EXTREMEAiR Original, the EXTREMEAiR Eco, and the EXTREMEAiR CPC (Cold Plasma). All of our EXTREMEAiR models come with the following exclusive features - all standard.


Adjustable Sound & Speed - Innovative technology allows the hand dryer to be adjusted to your preference, providing the perfect balance of speed, energy efficiency and sound. It’s ideal for sports stadiums, schools or a quiet library.

User Defined Range - A dial inside the dryer provides easy sound adjustment from 83 to 69 dB, with a speed of 19,000 to 10,000 CFM. There is NO need to upgrade or replace parts.

Universal Voltage - The EXTREMEAiR can be connected to any voltage from 100 to 240 volts, 50/60 Hz. The dryer configures itself to your voltage, making installation easier.

Compact Design - The EXTREMEAiR is the most compact hand dryer in the industry. It’s 43% smaller than old “industry standard” high-speed hand dryers.

Vandal Resistant - Two tamper-resistant screws secure the heavy-duty, vandal-resistant cover to the steel base. Motor, heater and electronics are inaccessible to vandals. Air intake is shielded for additional safety. Indestructible one piece fixed nozzle.

Warranty - 5-Year Premium Warranty

Service - Includes same-day factory repair or shipment of replacement parts.

Smart Sensor - Ultra energy-efficient, microprocessor-controlled sensor turns dryer on when hands are under the outlet for up to 35 seconds. Standby power is less than one watt. Features RoHS compliant lead-free design
Ultra Life High Performance Motor - Motor lasts longer and is quieter. The 5/8 HP motor is adjustable from 24,000 to 14,000 RPM and includes an automatic resetting thermal protector.

Heavy-Duty, One-Piece Cover Options
·    Flame-retardant white ABS
·    Steel with white epoxy finish (M)
·    Steel with black graphite epoxy finish (BG)
·    Steel with satin chrome finish (C)
·    Stainless steel with #4 brush finish (SS)

What is CPC and how does it work?

Cold Plasma Clean is our patented technology that does what no other hand dryer can do: it kills germs*. Can you imagine a restroom experience where germs are being eliminated and not spread? Just think of the impact on schools, airports, restaurants or anywhere germs are a concern. We thought it was time that a hand dryer did more then simply dry your hands: it’s why we invented one that also kills germs.

The EXTREMEAiR CPC uses a generator that converts the air into cold plasma which is well known for its germ killing ability. Plasma is also known as the fourth state of matter. It is ionized air that contains positively and negatively charged molecules that attract and kill germs. The by-product is pure water vapor.
Cold plasma kills E.coli, Staph, MRSA, C.diff and Salmonella naturally without chemicals*.
Available exclusively on our EXTREMEAiR CPC high speed hand dryers - Cold Plasma Clean technology is the only solid-state, maintenance-free hygiene solution. There are no expensive filters, chemicals or labor. CPC technology goes way beyond HEPA filtration, which simply traps mold and germs inside the dryer.