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Fleet Fuel Reduction

Owners and operators of fleet vehicles exhaust their budgets on fuel, vehicle maintenance and eventually on replacement. In many American businesses fuel is the number one expense, and fuel price fluctuations are a serious concern. Now is a good time to explore solutions capable of increasing fuel mileage, protecting the vehicle and reducing emissions.  One important fuel reduction strategy involves a lubricant supplement that delivers improved performance and fuel reductions from 5 to 15%. For refrigerated trucking the process is even more important and millage better. 

This superior lubricant is used as a 10% supplement along with regular oil changes in any combustion engine, manual transmission, differential and in power steering. It is an advanced scientifically blended and patented formula that has been proven to have a 1000 times higher lubricity rating than conventional standard or synthetic gear and motor oils. It is a superior boundary lubricant designed to bond to metals on a molecular level. This substance will not void manufacturers warranty’s, does not contain harmful additives like; Teflon, silicon, graphite, molly’s or zinc and is able to protect an engine if or when a cooling failure occurs.
The bonding agent in this product is so effective that it will protect a vehicle against the wear caused by dry starts, and reduce noise and vibration. Dyno testing has proven that this oil supplement will increase engine power by 10 to 20 HP, and drivers report noticing more mid-range torque. This oil is known to reduce engine temperatures,and is compatible will all synthetic or non-synthetic oil. It will not void manufacturers warranties as it meets all industry mandatory minimum standards.

The manufacturer of this product also supplies our special blend of  refrigerant loop supplement oil. Refrigerated trucks will save fuel by using this special blend in their cold air compressor. The product will reduce compressor run times by producing more cold air when running. The oil will further reduce friction so effectively that it will run on less energy. It will clean the heat exchanger, coat against additional future oil fouling, and protect the engine against wear and metal fatigue. Your oil should be considered the lifeblood of your vehicle or truck, they are worth improving.

A Happy Customer:

DC of Amarillo
Dickey Tolbert
308 N. River Oaks Dr. Burnet, TX 78611

To whom it may concern:

My name is Dickey Tolbert. I have driven a truck and done routine maintenance on all three of the trucks owned by DC of Amarillo for the past four years. Prior to driving trucks, I was a diesel mechanic for 12 years. The owner approached me with the National Energy Technology oil enhancement about two months ago. I did not want to use it because I have used Lucas in all of our applications for years. We first treated a 2001 Kenworth W900L with a 500 hp Caterpillar C15. This truck and trailer is heavy and has over 1.1 million miles on it. The guys at B-Line in Brookshire, TX replaced one and a half gallons of oil with yours. The first tank we saw a half of a mile per gallon improvement in our fuel economy. A week later, we put half a gallon of your suppliment in the rear ends and transmission. Immediately after treat our auxiliaries we noticed all the vibration and rumble in the cab was gone. The driver of that particular truck said, "It is like it is free¬wheeling". To our surprise our fuel mileage came up even further. This 2001 KW went from 4.7 miles/gallon to 6.4 miles/gallon running the same route under the same condition. We have even noticed the oil temp is lower than the water temp and our auxiliaries are at least 20 degrees cooler than normal. We have treated the other two trucks and have seen no less than a one mile per gallon increase. This is the best product I have ever used. We intend to use it on every oil change because the savings are so great. Our estimates show we are saving over $1700 per truck per oil change at todays price. You have a customer for life.

Sincerely Dickey