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Commercial Laundry Brighter and Whiter at 50% Less

Corporations with Commercial Laundering facilities suffer extreme utility costs due to the combination of all of the gas, electric, water/sewer, and detergent necessary to get the job done. Hospitals, large hotels, nursing facilities, prisons and commercial laundromats really do need to take a look at Ozone Injection Systems immediately. A properly sourced and designed ozone system will dramatically outperform traditional laundering in operational costs and provide a higher laundry quality. Ozone initializes a chemical reaction that can kill bacteria and energize laundry detergents and maximize their potential. There are significant and surprising results when you activate soap. You will reduce water and sewer by 35% as well as electric by being able to cut the number of wash cycles. You will save up to 85% on gas because ozone allows you to wash in predominantly cold water, and still receive a higher quality wash. Because of the way these systems fully activate the detergent you will use less, and it will be used more efficiently reducing the amount of chemical return to the environment. When detergent is used more efficiently materials will also dry faster so it is gentler on linens, extends equipment life, and is saving even more electric and gas. With the energy and water savings and less chemical output that makes the addition this product a super green strategy. There are many techniques and systems available: diffusion, Water injection, recirculation, and bubble and charge systems. The right system will likely show an ROI shorter than 2 years and deliver the superior bacteria elimination quality desired. Ozone is the only safe way to manage superbug bacteria found in laundry. Some of these systems will surpass OSHA safety standards and will protect against E.Coli, HIV, Hepatitis as well as 99.999% of the super bugs MSRA (staph), C.diff, Aspergillus Niger and many more. Unlike bleach that is only utilized in one wash stage, ozone is a powerful biocide, which will destroy bacteria through the reduced wash and rinse cycles, as specifically programmed. We will provide an in depth analysis of how this product will pay for itself very quickly and yield such terrific results. These systems have a small footprint and some will mount on the wall, Certain manufacturers will allow for a lease terms or financing. Some units require no special electric or plumbing connections with little to no maintenance or downtime and offer room sensor monitors and automatic safety shutoff.
4/15/2015 1:29:36 PM
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