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Can we Reduce the Spin of Your Water Meter 10-20%? YES We Can!

Conserve money from your water meter spin? Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group is helping large water users nationwide tackle rising water bills at the source. Their solution is a valve that is designed to slow water turbulence and compress air. The air in your pipes is costing you money, and it may add up to more than you think. This costly air serves you no benefit, you never asked for it and you won’t get a refund. You may be surprised to find that every building owner nation wide is faced with the same issue and because no one is aware of it, no one is complaining about it. We are talking about the air and turbulence mixed in the water from the municipality that can cause your water meter to spin an additional 5 to 15%. It’s true; we pay for the tiny bubbles mixed in with our incoming water supply from the utility. This air has always been a natural component to turbulent rushing water and as it passes through your meter it registers and you pay for it. In fact you pay for it twice because your incoming meter read is used to determine both water and sewer expense, in most cases. Fortunately new technology has provided an answer to this dilemma. It is based on 18th century principals from Le Chatelier and the Venturi effect. This device is legally installed after the meter on the user’s side. Yet it is fully able to compress and affect the air before it passes through the meter. Among other things this system will disrupt the usual swirl turbulence in the line without reducing flow. The device does not vent the air from the line but it does effectively compress it. A Flow Management Device (FMD) uses the flow of water to self-perpetuate an oscillation assembly, without noticeable negative effect on building pressure. The oscillation assembly will create a compression process that generates a backward thrust. The result is that air in water transforms into compacted state. For commercial accounts that are heavy water users like hotels, prisons, country clubs, assisted living, theme parks and bottling companies, savings come quickly. They may realize a return on investment under 6 months. The product is accepted by most municipalities and completely safe and sanitary. Because this technology is salable it makes excellent sense for the large or small commercial water user.
4/2/2015 3:44:00 PM
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