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Commercial Odors Require Advanced Technology

This is a story of the hotel room that wasn’t. Wasn’t rentable that is, it seems that an unnamed hotel located in a major city call me in to see, or smell, hotel room 302, the Housekeeping Manager deemed this room un-rentable. For three months revenue was lost and all of the staff knew not to rent room 302. This was a pet friendly hotel who had a long term guest with a cat. When your home or business is suffering from noticeable odor this frustrating problem can be easily solved with the use of ozone technology. The equipment used to generate ozone is segmented into systems that are very scalable for use near people and ozone generators used to blast odors when no one is present. Ozone is actually 3 oxygen molecules created efficiently with low levels of energy. It is actually found in low levels in the atmosphere all around us at all times. I consider it natures miracle in that it can kill all bacteria on contact. Bacteria that causes odors, and even serious illness will be eradicated with proper ozone levels. You should have witnessed the scene as the Housekeeping Manager, who did not believe that a single night treatment could solve the problem, came in to inspect the room. The room fell silent as the Manager sniffed and sniffed and could no longer notice the odor, The room was cleared to rent. This patented technology, uses the latest generation of enhanced ozone generation. This powerful ozone generator called the Port-Ozone 2 features high powered oxidation in a compact, lightweight, rugged and simple design. Utilizing controlled corona discharge ozone technology developed specifically to reduce odors in un-occupied spaces.
1/10/2018 6:17:15 PM
Scott Milne
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