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Save 20% on HVAC with Reflective Roofing

Imagine a superior highly effective 20 year roofing product that can save a fortune going down and save 20% on HVAC inside. Most building operators don’t consider energy savings when replacing a troubled roof, but this is a great time to reduce HVAC Use. This two part epoxy roof coatings have proven to be as effective as insulation for thermal heat protection. This super white roof is capable reflecting away so much of the sun’s ultraviolet heat signature that it is capable of reducing the need for air conditioning up to 40% in some building types. This roof coating is not only reflective but is widely considered among the finest flat roof coating available. It boasts a warrantee up to 20 years and seals and coats everything it touches. This product is a flexible multipurpose Kevlar reinforced Thermoset epoxy coating able to be applied in one coat and adheres to 1670 lbs. per square inch. It is especially suited to metal roof applications where surface movement will render other roof coatings ineffective. Because of huge temperature swings on metal roof’s they are notorious for expansion, seam stretching and leaks. This patented white roof system will dramatically reduce the metal roof temperature seam travel and will remain flexible to maximize seal. It is able to adhere to wood, concrete, metal, foam, petroleum based and rubber roof membranes and will keep the roof temperature with 10 degrees of ambient temperatures. It will save a great deal on commercial installations because it can be can sprayed over existing roof surfaces after full repairs and adjustments are made. Fabric is set into the grey coat and then a thick super reflective top coat is applied. Imagine the cost savings of leaving the old roof in place and being able to leave the slag rock on the roof during the process by shifting it around. Additional material benefits include superior mold resistance, UV resistance, and a 200% sustained lifetime flexibility. White roof’s will also increase the effectiveness of air conditioning equipment which is often left baking on black hot roof’s breathing its makeup air from oven like conditions. Solar companies will also highly recommend a new white roof surface before panel placement for maximum performance.
10/4/2017 7:05:30 PM
Scott Milne
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